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4 Tier 8 Pairs Shoe Rack Stand Storage Self Organiser

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Introducing our 4 Tier 8 Pairs Shoe Rack Stand Storage

Organize your shoe collection with our 4 Tier 8 Pairs Shoe Rack. This stand offers efficient and compact storage for your footwear, keeping your space neat and tidy. Experience the convenience of easy access to your shoes with this lightweight and space-saving shoe organizer.

4 Tier Design for Ample Shoe Storage

Maximize storage capacity with the 4 Tier Design of our Shoe Rack Stand. This tiered structure provides ample space for organizing up to 8 pairs of shoes, ensuring a neat and clutter-free area for your footwear collection.

Lightweight and Compact for Easy Placement

Enjoy easy placement and relocation with the Lightweight and Compact features of our Shoe Rack. The stand’s lightweight design allows for effortless movement and placement in various areas of your home, providing flexibility in organizing your shoes.

Efficient Self Organizer for Neatness

Promote neatness with the Efficient Self Organizer features of our Shoe Rack. Each tier is thoughtfully designed to keep shoes in an organized and easily accessible manner, allowing you to quickly find and grab the pair you need without hassle.

Space-Saving Solution for Tidy Spaces

Experience a space-saving solution with our Shoe Rack Stand. The compact design ensures that this organizer can fit into tight spaces, making it an ideal addition to closets, entryways, or any area where space is limited. Keep your shoes neatly arranged and easily accessible with this practical shoe storage solution.

Product Specifications

  • Item Name: Shoe Rack

  • Material: Plastic & Galvanized steel & Non-woven fabric
  • Color: Black 
  • Size: as shown 

    Package Included

    1 * Shoe Rack

    1 * Shoe Brush