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Car Key Signal Blocker Box Keyless Faraday Box Anti-Theft

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Car Key Signal Blocker Box Keyless Faraday Box Anti-Theft

Protect your car key from electronic theft with our Car Key Signal Blocker Box. Featuring a Faraday box design, this anti-theft box blocks RFID signals and prevents relay attacks, ensuring your keyless entry system remains secure from unauthorized access and hacking attempts.

Faraday Box Design

Ensure maximum security for your car key with our Signal Blocker Box. The Faraday box construction creates a protective barrier that blocks RFID signals and prevents remote access to your vehicle’s keyless entry system, safeguarding it from electronic theft.

Anti-Theft Protection

Prevent relay attacks and electronic hacking attempts with our Keyless Faraday Box. By blocking signals between your key fob and your car, this safety box prevents unauthorized access and protects your vehicle from theft and break-ins.

Compact and Portable

Take your security on the go with our Blocking Box. The compact and lightweight design allows you to easily transport it providing convenient protection for your car key wherever you go.

Easy to Use

Simply place your car key inside the Faraday box to activate the blocking technology. The pouch is designed to accommodate most key fobs and smart keys, making it easy to use and compatible with various vehicle models.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Faraday Box
  • Color: As Picture Shown
  • Key box Size: 11.5*9*6.2cm

Package Includes

1X  Car Key Box