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Fetal Doppler Detector Baby Heart Beat Rate Probe Prenatal Monitor Ultrasonic

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Fetal Doppler Detector Baby Heart Beat Rate Probe Prenatal Monitor Ultrasonic 

Experience the joy of hearing your baby’s heartbeat with our Fetal Doppler Detector. This portable prenatal monitor uses ultrasonic technology to detect and amplify fetal heart sounds, allowing expectant parents to listen to their baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of their own home.

Safe and Non-Invasive

The fetal doppler detector is a safe and non-invasive device that allows expectant parents to monitor their baby’s heartbeat without any discomfort or risk. It uses ultrasonic technology to detect fetal heart sounds, providing reassurance and peace of mind during pregnancy.

Clear and Crisp Sound Quality

With advanced signal processing technology, the doppler detector delivers clear and crisp sound quality, allowing you to hear your baby’s heartbeat with clarity and precision. The amplified sound output ensures a positive listening experience for expectant parents.

Portable and Easy to Use

The compact and lightweight design of the doppler detector makes it portable and easy to use at home or on the go. Simply apply ultrasound gel to your abdomen, place the probe on your belly, and adjust the settings to listen to your baby’s heartbeat anytime, anywhere.

LCD Display and Audio Output

The doppler detector features an LCD display that shows the fetal heart rate in real-time, allowing you to monitor your baby’s heart rate with ease. Additionally, it comes with an audio output jack for connecting headphones or speakers, enabling you to share the magical moment of hearing your baby’s heartbeat with your loved ones.

Product Specifications

  • Name: Fetal Doppler Monitor
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: white
  • Battery: 2 * AA battery (included)
  • Ultrasonic-operating frequency: 3.0MHz
  • The deviation between the ultrasonic-working frequency and the nominal ultrasonic-working frequency: should not be more than ±15%
  • Overall sensitivity: 290dB (At a distance of 200mm from the probe surface, the comprehensive sensitivity)
  • Fetal heart rate measurement and display-range: should not be less than 65-210BPM
  • The speed of sound: 1520- 1620m/s
  • Acoustic impedance: 1.5- 1.7 x 106 Pa.s/m
  • Acoustic attenuation : < 0.05dB/(cm.MHz)
  • Temperature: 5°C-40℃
  • Relative humidity : 25-80% RH
  • Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa-106kPa2
  • Temperature: 5℃-45℃
  • Relative humidity: 9-85% RH
  • Atmospheric pressure: 50kPa-106kPa
  • Viscosity: >15Pa. S
  • PH value: 5.5-8
  • Service altitude <2000m
  • Package weight: 160g / 5.64ounce

Package Include

1 * Fetal Doppler