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Large Capacity Garden Rolling Gatherer for Nuts and Balls

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Do you realize it’s¬†tiring when you have to bend over your back repeatedly¬†to pick up the nuts with your hands for hours? Worry no more! Invest in our large capacity garden rolling gatherer, and you’ll be able to harvest tons of nuts in seconds without hurting or straining your back!

Featuring an adjustable telescoping handle, the length of this garden nut weasel can be easily adjusted from 18.5″ to 41.5″, which makes it suitable for people of different heights.¬†Meantime, it is designed for easy operation, simply roll over any surface with back-and-force motion until it’s at full capacity. To remove content from the basket, spread the wires apart manually over the bucket and shake to dislodge it.

On top of that, our garden gatherer tool is not only for picking up the nuts; it can also be used to pick up other large items such as tennis balls, golf balls, pecans, or even baby toys! Best part of all, it is constructed from premium stainless steel, which makes it weather-resistant and rust-resistant to ensure the wire cage will maintain its shape during use, plus a lifetime warranty!


  • EASY TO USE WITH NO BENDING – Our garden harvesting tool can effectively reduces stress on the back by eliminating bending for picking up large nuts and other objects! It also comes equipped with a comfortable handle and a hanging hook.
  • LARGE CAPACITY –¬†This gatherer for nuts and ball can perfect pickup for large objects between 1.5‚ÄĚ to 3‚ÄĚ in size with a capacity of approximately 1 gallon.
  • COLLECT VARIOUS ITEMS¬†–¬†Our nuts harvester is suitable for picking up pecans,¬†large acorns, hickory nuts, crab apples, nerf darts, tennis ball, and baby toys!


        Aluminum, Stainless Steel
        Product Dimension:
        9.5″(L) * 9″(W) * 27.5-50.5″(H)
        Lever Length:
        18.5″ to 41.5″
        Net Weight: 
        1.5 LBS
        • Glossy Silver
        Package Includes: 
        • 1x Large Capacity Garden Rolling Gatherer for Nuts and Balls
        • 1x Manual Guide Book