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One Way Mirror Window Film Reflective Tint

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One Way Mirror Window Film Reflective Tint

Enhance privacy and solar control in your home with our One Way Mirror Window Film. This reflective tint foil features a one-way mirror effect, providing daytime privacy without compromising natural light, making it an ideal solution for residential and commercial spaces.

Daytime Privacy Protection

Enjoy privacy during the day with our One Way Mirror Window Film. The reflective surface creates a one-way mirror effect, allowing you to see outside while preventing others from seeing into your space.

Solar Tint for Energy Efficiency

Reduce heat and glare from sunlight with the solar tint foil. Our Window Film helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and reduces the need for excessive cooling, resulting in energy savings and improved comfort.

Easy Application and Removal

Apply the Window Film quickly and easily with the adhesive backing. The film is also removable, allowing you to change or update your window treatments as needed without leaving residue or damage.

Versatile Use in Home and Office

Enhance privacy and aesthetics in any space with our One Way Mirror Film. Whether used in residential homes, office buildings, or commercial storefronts, it provides an effective and stylish solution for privacy and solar control.

Product Specifications

  • Film Type: One Way Mirror

  • Material: PET

  • Color:  Black/Sliver

  • Visible Light Transmission: 15%
  • Infrared cut: 88%
  • Visible Light Reflectance: 8%
  • Thickness of Base Film: 2.0MIL=0.15mm
  • Size:
  • 50cm*200cm/19.68×78.74 inch (W x L)=10.8 sqft
  • 60cm*200cm/23.62×78.74 inch (W x L)=12.9 sqft
  • 90cm*200cm/35.43×78.74 inch (W x L)=19.3 sqft

Installation Steps

Step 1. Measure the window and cut the film into the right size.
Step 2. Clean and wet the glass with a lot of soapy water.
Step 3. Make sure to remove the backing protective sheet
Step 4. Put the film on the glass and slide to align
Step 5. Squeegee away air bubbles and excess water with a scraper or hard card.
Tip 1: Only applies on the flat, clean, smooth glass surface. Make sure no glue, dust, or residue on the glass, especially window conners.
Tip 2: Trim away the edges. Leaving a gap of 1/2 inches between the film and window frame. Do not connect to the window frame.
Note: Always only reflects the bright side. Remember to draw a curtain during night.

Package Included

1x Heat Insulation Privacy Film