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Pet Recovery Lightweight Dog Cone Collar Soft Anti Lick

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Introducing our Pet Recovery Lightweight Dog Cone Collar

Ensure a comfortable recovery for your furry friend with our Lightweight Pet Cone Collar. Crafted with soft materials, this collar prevents licking and promotes wound healing. Ideal for dogs and cats, this collar provides a stress-free solution for post-surgery recovery or wound protection.

Lightweight Design for Comfortable Wear

Prioritize your pet’s comfort with the Lightweight Design of our Pet Cone Collar. The soft and lightweight materials ensure that your dog or cat can wear the collar comfortably, minimizing stress during the recovery period


 Prevents Licking for Wound Protection

Protect wounds and surgical sites with our Pet Recovery Cone Collar. The cone shape prevents your pet from licking or biting at their injuries, promoting a clean and safe healing environment without the need for harsh restraints.

Soft Material for Gentle Contact

Provide gentle contact with our Pet Cone Collar’s Soft Material. The collar ensures that your pet’s skin is not irritated or scratched during wear, making it an ideal solution for sensitive pets during the recovery process.

Suitable for Dogs and Cats of Various Sizes

Enjoy versatility with our Pet Cone Collar, suitable for both dogs and cats. The adjustable design accommodates various sizes, allowing you to find the ideal fit for your pet’s specific needs, ensuring a stress-free and effective recovery experience.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Mesh cloth
  • Color: Blue+Green
  • Neck circumference: S, M, L, XL
  • S: About 23-27cm/9-10.63inch
  • M: About 30-35cm/11.81-13.78inch
  • L: About 38-44cm/14.96-17.32inch
  • XL: About 47-53cm/18.5-20.87inch

Package Includes

1pc x Dog Cone Collar