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Rechargeable Electric Cordless Cleaning Brush

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Rechargeable Electric Cordless Cleaning Brush

Make cleaning a breeze with our Cordless Cleaning Brush. This rechargeable scrubber features a spin action and interchangeable brush heads, allowing you to tackle tough stains and dirt with ease, while the cordless design provides freedom of movement for effortless cleaning.

Cordless Design

The cleaning brush is cordless, allowing you to move freely and clean hard-to-reach areas without being restricted by cords or outlets, providing convenience and flexibility during cleaning tasks.

Spin Action

Equipped with a powerful spin action, the scrubber effortlessly removes dirt, grime, and stains from various surfaces, including tiles, grout, sinks, bathtubs, and more, saving you time and effort on household cleaning chores.

Interchangeable Brush Heads

The scrubber comes with interchangeable brush heads that allow you to customize the cleaning experience for different surfaces and applications, ensuring optimal cleaning performance and efficiency.

Rechargeable Battery

Featuring a rechargeable battery, the cleaning brush provides long-lasting power for extended cleaning sessions, while the included charging cable allows for convenient recharging between uses.

Package Included

1X Charging Cable
1X Flannel Scouring Pad
1X Steel Ball Brush Head
1X Nylon Brush Head
1X Sponge Brush Head
1X Sponge