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Spa Hotel Guest Slippers

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5-50pairs Spa Hotel Guest Slippers Closed Toe Towelling Disposable Terry Type UK

Provide comfort and convenience to your guests with our Spa Hotel Guest Slippers. Made from soft towelling material, these disposable slippers feature a closed-toe design and terry type construction, offering a comfortable and hygienic solution for spa, hotel, or home use.


1. Soft Towelling Material

Constructed from soft towelling material, our guest slippers provide a plush and comfortable feel, ensuring a relaxing experience for your guests during their stay.

2. Disposable Design

Designed for single-use, our spa hotel slippers offer a hygienic solution for guests, eliminating the need for washing and ensuring a fresh pair of slippers for each guest.

3. Closed-Toe Construction

Featuring a closed-toe design, our guest slippers provide added warmth and protection for your guests’ feet, making them ideal for use in spa facilities, hotels, or at home.

4. Terry Type Comfort

The terry type construction of our guest slippers enhances comfort and absorbency, allowing guests to enjoy a luxurious and pampering experience during their stay.

Product Specifications:

  • – Type: Guest Slippers
  • – Material: Towelling
  • – Features: Disposable, Closed-Toe Construction
  • – Quantity: 5-50 pairs (Select option)